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We are now lending in Georgia, Washington, Texas, and Colorado, and are in the developing stages of expanding nationally.
Yes! We offer a Broker Referral Program where if you refer us a client, you can earn up to 1 point of the deal when they close. There is no limit on the amount of clients you can refer OR the amount of points you can stack up.
We do not offer owner-occupied loans. Those are considered conventional loans that you would typically get from a commercial bank. Our loans are for real estate investors.
HUD stands for Housing and Urban Development. HUD Properties are ones that were financed through FHA and foreclosed on. Providing settlement statements of HUDs you have financed shows lenders that you are an experienced real estate investor.
It is easy to get started working with us. Simply schedule a call with our team on our home page with the “Book a Call” button and one of our representatives will call you to discuss our programs and learn about your projects at your selected time.
Once you apply for a loan through our website, a sales representative will reach out to you within 24 hours.
We have been able to close loans in as little as five days, but the speed of our loan process mainly relies on how fast the borrower can get us the necessary documents. Closing speed is also contingent on when we receive the requested documents from title and insurance.
Factors that determine the down payment include the experience of the investor and the equity and value of the property. With these factors under consideration, there are special circumstances in which we do not require a down-payment.
Typical of hard money lending, if it matches certain criteria, we lend solely on the specifics of the subject property. However, to get the best rate possible a credit check and some down payment is needed. It is really a matter of saving money. You can talk to one of our real estate experts to find out more about your goals.
Our credit requirements are 600 and above
Yes, having insurance on the property is required. If you do not have insurance set up before you apply, then you will have to have it by the time of closing. We have our own in-house insurance agent who is quick and reliable, for borrowers to use if they do not have their own.

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