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If you want to finance a real estate investment property, then Pacific Equity & Loan can definitely help you. Our hard money real estate investment loans for Fix & Flip, New Construction, and Rental Properties come with flexible terms and low interest rates

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Pacific Equity and Loan focuses on empowering clients through offering flexible terms, fees, and competitive rates to creatively structure loans to fit clients’ needs. Dedicated to creating a fast process for all clients and with low origination costs, Pacific Equity and Loan is the optimal lender for your next real estate investment.


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Remodeled older style home exterior
Fix & Flip
as low as
6.0% For 6 – 24 Month Plans
  • Non-owner Occupied Only
  • Purchase, Refinance, Cash Out, Rehab
  • 75% LTARV, 85% LTC
  • $75K-$3 Million
  • Interest Only Payments
  • Min. FICO: 600
New Construction
as low as
6.5% For 6 - 24 Month Plans
  • Non-owner Occupied Only, SFR
  • Purchase, Refinance
  • 75% LTARV, 85% LTC
  • $75K-$3 Million
  • Interest Only Payments
  • Min. FICO: 600
5% down
Fix & Flip Properties Only
  • Terms: 6-24 months
  • Interest Accrual Method: Dutch
  • $75k min. loan amount (purchase + repairs), max. loan amount $600K
  • Up to 95% LTC and 70% LTARV
  • No min. FICO - Based off of track record/ experience


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Hard Money Loans: Fix & Flip, New Construction, Rental

Quick Closings 2-7 days

Min. Credit Score 600

Rates Starting at 4.25%

Origination Fee as low as 2 pts


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