About Us

About Us

Who is Pacific EAL

Pacific Equity and Loan was founded at the end of 2018 by managing partners, Sang Yoon and Scott Baukol. Each equipped with years in private money lending, real estate investment, business operation, and money management, Pacific Equity and Loan was born from the ideas of forward thinking and knowledgeable leaders. With a focus on empowering clients through their cutting edge Fintech platform; Pacific Equity and Loan provides a better, faster, and cheaper alternative to the typical paperwork-heavy origination process offered by most other lenders.

Meet The Leadership


Sang Yoon

Sang is a successful entrepreneur for over 20 years. During which he was a professional Real Estate Investor. He credits this success in the market detailed analysis of each transaction. Highly involved in the Real Estate community attending local and National meetings. He is a Real Estate Broker and a Certified Private Lender Associate with experience in all facets of Private Real Estate Lending.

Sang is married with two children and has resided in the Pacific Northwest for almost 20 years. His main interests are spending time with family, exercising and studying business trends.

Director of Capital Acquisition

Scott Baukol

Graduate of University of Washington and a practicing Certified Financial Planner for the last 25 years. Entrusted and cared for over 90 Million dollars in client assets. He is active in the Real Estate community as a member of the American Association of Private Lenders as well as a Certified Fund Specialist attending regular Local and National Real Estate meetings. Scott is married with two daughters and has resided in the Pacific Northwest for over 50 years. He values weekly mass, spending time with his family, and an occasional round of golf